Youthful Brad Pitt causes Twitter meltdown alongside fellow presenter Ryan Gosling

Youthful Brad Pitt causes Twitter meltdown alongside fellow presenter Ryan Gosling

Genetically blessed co-presenters Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling caused a full-on Twitter meltdown during the Golden Globes on Sunday (Jan. 10). The dashing pair took the stage to introduce their new film, The Big Short, and not only did fans experience a full-on handsome overload but they also marvelled at Brad's youthful appearance.

The actor looked decades younger than his actual age. Angelina Jolie's husband may have turned 52 last month, but could have easily passed for 35-year-old Ryan's peer. Viewers were quick to comment on the fact that Brad, with his chiselled jawline and floppy hair, looked identical to the way he looked back in 1998 when he made Meet Joe Black.

TAP IMAGE TO ENLARGE:Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling caused a stir with their joint appearance at the Golden Globes.

It wasn't just Brad and Ryan's super-hot appearances that had people talking. They also impressed with some funny fake tension during their skit.

"Hi, Ryan," Brad amiably began. "Yeah, whatever," his co-star answered. After an awkward pause, the father of six asked Ryan, "Are you upset with me?"

"Nah man, we're good, whatever," the Notebook actor replied. "Honestly, I was told I was presenting alone. It's fine. Obviously I've been recast in some kind of Joe Biden, Andy Richter, Robin-type role. It's fine, I'm here for the movie."

Brad then tried to rectify the situation, saying, "It's fine, I'm here to support you."

"Oh, that's nice," Ryan shot back. "Take the high road, I look petty. Classic Brad, it's just classic, classic Brad."

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When Ryan then said he'd like to be the one to announce the winner, Brad had to tell him that there wasn't one. "There's not ever a winner," Ryan said, feigning shock. "This is a disaster. Is this like a Montessori type of thing? Everyone gets a trophy? No one's feelings get hurt? Come on!"

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