Taylor Kinney's mom on meeting Lady Gaga: 'I loved her from the moment I met her'

Taylor Kinney's mom on meeting Lady Gaga: 'I loved her from the moment I met her'

Lady Gaga has received the seal of approval from her future mother-in-law Pamela Heisler. Taylor Kinney's loving mom gushed over his fiancée during a chat with Entertainment Tonight. "I loved her from the moment I met her," she revealed, before reflecting on that special encounter with the pop singer. "My mother had just passed away and [Gaga] came, and she was just the sweetest thing that ever was."

Taylor and his mother Pamela at the People's Choice Awards Photo: © Getty Images

"When [Taylor] said she's coming, I said, 'No, this isn't a good time.' And she came, and she was a sweetheart," she continued. The couple have yet to announce a wedding date but Pamela is already thinking about her ensemble for the big day. Unlike Lady Gaga who loves wild and unpredictable couture, Taylor's mom revealed that her mother-of-the-groom dress will be a little more "subdued."

Lady Gaga and Taylor got engaged in 2015. Photo: © Getty Images

The stunning duo met on the set of the singer's "You and I" video in 2011 and announced their engagement on Valentine's Day in 2015. Gaga took to her Instagram to show off her gorgeous ring and share the news with her fans.

"It was snowing, it was beautiful,' Taylor told Chicago Tribune about the proposal. "I just knew. It wasn't a light bulb going off."

The talented pair are each other's number one fans, with Lady Gaga taking to Instagram this week to support her love and his new film The Forest. "Me and Taylor at his screening (...) I can't wait for it to come out so you all can see! He is so talented," wrote the star, alongside a picture of the two dolled up for the event.

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