Melissa Grelo reflects on Christmas with her daughter and how to throw the perfect party

Melissa Grelo reflects on Christmas with her daughter and how to throw the perfect party

“My daughter, Marquesa, is going to be two this spring, so what’s important for me is to continue the family part of the holidays,” says Melissa Grelo, co-host of TV’s The Social. The stunning mom was in festive form when we caught up with her at her show’s studio in downtown Toronto. “She’s also starting to get that there’s a lot of stuff involved in Christmas, so this year, we’re taking a bunch of toys that she hasn’t touched and we’re going to donate them,” she tells us, adding that she really wants to teach her daughter the importance of giving during the holiday season. See her top entertaining tips and favourite holiday destination in the video below!

When she’s not busy dishing on hot topics and chatting with guests on her hit lifestyle show, Melissa relaxes at her family home, a 40-acre property in Caledon, Ont., where the star grew up. “My dad had me on a horse at, like, six months of age!” she told Hello! during a visit to the farm in 2014. It’s there that her whole family will gather to celebrate the holidays, before Melissa, her husband Ryan, and little Marquesa escape the cold winter for a tropical getaway.

Hello! visited Melissa, her husband Ryan and baby Marquesa at their family farm in 2014. Photo: © Arash Moallemi

Melissa reflects on family traditions (her mom owns the kitchen!) and breaks down the ins and out of holiday entertaining, revealing the keys to hosting a great party. “There are only two things that people are really going to remember. Did they eat and drink well? And was the entertainment good?” And her number-one rule? “Make sure the first thing that happens when someone walks in the door is you take their coat, put their shoes away and you give them a nice glass of good quality bubbly!”

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