Nicole Kidman says 'wonderful' Keith Urban cried after seeing her play

Nicole Kidman says 'wonderful' Keith Urban cried after seeing her play

Nicole Kidman has put her love for husband Keith Urban at the centre of a new interview with the Evening Standard, sharing her gratitude that her 'wonderful' partner of 10 years has lavished her with unwavering support. The couple recently uprooted their lives and moved to London with their kids – Sunday, 7, and five-year-old Faith – for Nicole's West End play, Photograph 51, which she says brought her husband to tears.

"He didn't read the play, and had a very lightweight understanding of what it was. He then came and saw it in a preview and he came back afterwards and he was crying and he said, 'Now I know why we're here'. To be validated like that by your partner was wonderful because this was a big ask."

Nicole Kidman says she wishes she had met Keith Urban earlier.

"From my daughters it was like, 'Yay, London, Winter Wonderland!', although there was also discussion of bringing our two cats over, which didn't eventually happen," Nicole said of the decision. "My husband, I think, has made 15 trips over four months. That's commitment. I owe him a big thank you. He said, 'Go!', and it was so beautiful because we really don't get that involved in each other's work.

Nicole met Keith in 2005 and the pair married the following year. "I would have liked to have been able to have more children with him," the 48-year-old explained, adding, "Also, I love him. I'd love to have more years, why not? But at the same time I am grateful I even met him. It's a big world."

Nicole said her role in Photograph 51 helped her to feel closer to her late father.

It's been a tough year for Nicole after her father died suddenly from a heart attack in September 2014. Her decision to join Photograph 51 as Rosalind Franklin, a biochemist who helps to discover DNA, was partly inspired by her dad, Dr. Antony Kidman, and Nicole has donated part of her earnings from the play to King's College in her father's name in honour of him and Rosalind.

She also explained how she felt the role had made her feel closer to him. "I feel I have celebrated his life and his purpose of life, and also felt close to him in a strange way, standing up on that stage."

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