Khloé Kardashian shows off her impeccably organized fridge

Khloé Kardashian shows off her impeccably organized fridge

Khloé Kardashian has always been open about the work she puts in to maintaining her figure, and revealed earlier this year how she lost a whopping 35 pounds. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also chronicles her relationships, weight-loss journey, lifestyle tips and family in a new book, Strong Looks Better Naked. In a new video, Khloé puts her diet on display by giving fans a close look at what's in her impeccably organized fridge.

The 31-year-old reality-TV star has a jug of fresh water flavoured naturally with slices of limes, a vegetable box bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes and more. Prepared containers with fruits such as super-healthy blueberries will also make healthy snacking easier.

Khloé also has almond milk because she no longer drinks dairy milk.

It's not all healthy superfoods and veggies for Khloé though – her fridge also contains several soft drinks which she stocks especially for her nieces and nephews. She also stocks butter, cream cheese and mayonnaise, as well as several types of brown bread.

The celebrity, who now follows a mostly carb- and dairy-free diet that includes dishes such as Chinese chicken salad for lunch and steamed vegetables, cauliflower mash and fish for dinner, adds that she is still anti-dieting.

"I want to say about food: Don't diet," she writes. "When you diet, you are basically setting yourself up for failure. I mean, the word 'die' is in there! You're not allowing yourself to enjoy the food you love, and it will only make you want it that much more. Make smart lifestyle changes, one baby step at a time."

Khloé clearly takes a lot of care in ordering her food – so much that she captioned the video she posted on Twitter with a play on words: "New KHLO-C-D loves!!! You've been asking and I'm finally showing you what's in my fridge!!!"

"I was a mindless eater," Khloé recalls in her new book. "I ate for comfort. I also ate out of boredom and habit. I ate when I was unhappy (which I’m sure many of you can relate to). I even ate chips because I love the crunchy sound they make. And I didn’t give much thought to what I was eating or what I was putting inside my body, except hummus, of course, which is one of my weaknesses."

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