Take Five with...'The Social' co-host Traci Melchor: My favourite celebrity guests

Take Five with...'The Social' co-host Traci Melchor: My favourite celebrity guests

Now in her third season on the hit daytime talk show The Social (weekdays, CTV), host Traci Melchor says that there’s no singular way to define the series’ success. “We all have our individual strengths and talents that we put together,” she says of her fellow co-hosts Melissa Grelo, Lainey Lui and Cynthia Loyst. “Sometimes it’s a cohesive unit and sometimes it’s like fireworks!”

Traci with her The Social co-hosts (from left) Melissa Grelo, Lainey Lui and Cynthia Loyst. Photo: © Getty Images

Today, the mom to 10-year-old twins Phoenix and Phoebe says that taking her place on set in front of a live audience is as fulfilling as ever. “When you talk about topics that people can relate to, that’s what makes me feel great,” she tells Hello!. Never one to shy away from sharing her personal experiences, Traci, who is also a senior correspondent on etalk, has spoken up on air about being diagnosed with cancer, parenthood and life lessons she's learned. “I’m a fully formed adult,” says the TV personality. “I’ve made mistakes in my career. I’ve made mistakes in my personal life, and I feel like the best remedy for that is to pick yourself up and to go on.”

On The Social, Traci’s shared the small screen with stars running the gamut from Shania Twain to Nicholas Hoult. She’s still dreaming of the day Janet Jackson will join the women on set, but until then here are five of her favourite celebrity guests.

Miss Piggy dropped by The Social for a spirited chat in 2014. Photo: © CTV

When I was growing up, I had a Miss Piggy poster on my wall and an overnight bag with her on it that I’d use when I’d go to slumber parties. When we had Miss Piggy on the show, we were all speechless. I said to her, “Miss Piggy, I’ve always wanted to be a diva like you.” She paused, and said, “First of all, it’s never going to happen!” [Laughs]

I’ve read all of her books, and now my daughter has started to read the Judy Blume collection. I think when somebody has made an impact on you in your childhood and you get to meet him or her as an adult, it reminds you of why you’re in this business in the first place. It gives you that youthful enthusiasm for what you do. I don't take my job for granted. I’m excited to go to work, and when you have guests like [Judy] on the show it reinforces that magic.

He’s a shark on Shark Tank and he’s Mr. Wonderful. I’m always impressed with Kevin because when it comes to my money, he makes me think about things differently. I have a car that I bought and paid off, and he told me, “I bet you’re paying $2000 a year in maintenance fees.” I thought, “Yea, I am.” Kevin definitely takes things that I’ve had in play for a long time in my life and flips them upside down. I listen to him. When he’s on the show I immediately get out my notepad and am ready to ask questions whether or not we’re on camera.

Actress Lauren Holly is one of Traci's favourite guests. Photo: © instagram

She is a star, a single mother of three kids and she’s in one of my all-time favourite movies, Dumb & Dumber . When she comes to The Social , she sits backstage and preps just as hard as we do. I learn a lot from her because she’s a single mom who is successful in her TV and movie career and is such a kind person. Lauren and Jann Arden are like our regular fifth chairs. I find that they make time for people and they’re kind to their fans. We’re all excited to see them every time they’re on the show.

She was incredible on our show. Demi talked about the challenges she’s faced, handling body issues and dating in the spotlight. She was very forthcoming with all of that. Having those conversations helps you realize that you just can’t judge a book by its cover. Everyone has their own multi-layered backstory. The fact that people come on our show and want to share those stories validates people’s experiences and makes viewers at home watching feel like they’re not alone. Those are the times when the ladies and I think, “Wow, that was really powerful.”

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