P.K. Subban plays street hockey with local kids

P.K. Subban plays street hockey with local kids

When an intense game of hockey is in session, Montreal Canadiens defencemen P.K. Subban is always ready to jump in. He did just that on Sunday evening (June 7) when he was driving in Montreal and came across a street game. The impromptu shinny match went from a normal weekend activity to one of the most memorable life moments for a group of unsuspecting children.

In a video of the match, P.K. is seen testing out the reflexes of a pint-sized goalie named Jack. “I don’t even know if he realizes how big that was,” Jack’s father Aaron Fraser told The Toronto Star about his son’s face off with the hockey giant. The Norris Trophy winner, originally from Toronto, has won over his adopted city with his charm, hustle and devotion to the team - both on and off the ice. “Everybody in Montreal who is into hockey has this affinity for P.K. because he shows this youthfulness and this fun. One of my neighbours said he’s like the Muhammad Ali of hockey,” shared Aaron.

After shooting around for a bit, the 26-year-old NHL-er (who is also one of Hello! Canada’s 2014 Best Dressed honorees) posed for pictures before jumping back into his SUV and heading off. A local resident (@Yjodoin) shared a snap from the once-in-a-lifetime moment on Twitter, thanking P.K. for stopping by.

Photo: © Twitter

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