Adrian Grenier on 'Entourage,' sustainability and style: 'Jeans and a tie can be very rock 'n' roll' 

By Renee Gold and Clare Douglas

Adrian Grenier on 'Entourage,' sustainability and style: 'Jeans and a tie can be very rock 'n' roll' 

The Lincoln Continental is shined and polished and the red carpet has been rolled out for Adrian Grenier and his crew (Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven), who reprise their small-screen roles for a feature film ride in Entourage, in theatres on June 3. The hit series-turned-movie has been four years in the making, after the final credits rolled on the celebrity-infused drama in 2011. Adrian, 38, is once again front and centre as Hollywood A-lister Vincent Chase, who now has directorial dreams. Along with heating up the big screen, the New York-based actor is getting hearts racing as the current face of Buffalo Jeans.

CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE: Adrian Grenier returns to the big screen in Entourage on June 3. Photo: © Getty Images

The handsome star, who shot to fame playing Melissa Joan Hart’s geek-turned-chic neighbour in 1999’s Drive Me Crazy, is also a passionate environmentalist who dedicates his time to help preserve the health and well-being of the world’s oceans and marine wildlife.

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His eco-minded outlook was a gift from his mother, he says. “It was in my mother’s DNA and she passed it on to me, thankfully. She taught me to be more sensitive and compassionate for others in the world, and more conscious of the impact I was making on the planet and the people around me.” In a chat at The Bay, Adrian tells Hello! Canada more about his conservation efforts, partnering with Buffalo Jeans, his affinity for the Toronto International Film Festival and the band that’s got him jamming out this spring.

Adrian set hearts aflutter with his steamy Buffalo Jeans campaign. Photo: Buffalo

Can you tell us a little bit about how Buffalo Jeans is helping you raise awareness for environmental causes close to your heart?
I was honored to be a part of this campaign and was excited that they were willing to support me in the things that I’m doing, so it’s a nice mutually beneficial partnership. Through their Blank Check Series they donated some money to our Kickstarter campaign. We have raised $405,000 for science research to study the effects of ocean noise pollution on marine wildlife. Buffalo wants to be aligned with cool things and I’m honored to be thought of in that respect.

Any fashion tips that you can share?
I think jeans and a tie can be very rock 'n' roll!

What attracted you to the character of Vincent Chase back in 2004?
When I first read the script I thought it was too superficial and misogynistic for my taste, but when I sat down with Doug Ellin and he reassured me that that’s not what the story was and he convinced me that it was an accurate reflection and portrayal of the realities of Hollywood. Doug always reflects the truth. It’s been nice to be able to portray him.

The boys are back at the Entourage premiere in Los Angeles. Photo: © Getty Images

What surprised you most about the story arc of the Entourage reboot?
I was excited to know that Vince was going to take the risk of directing as well as acting, which is something I’ve done in my own career, too.

Are you happy to be back in Toronto to help celebrate your spring campaign with Buffalo Jeans?
I love Toronto, I come here for the film festival as much as possible, and I have many friends here. I had both my films, Teenage Paparazzo and How to Make Money Selling Drugs, premiere at TIFF.

Since you are a musician, what bands are you listening to right now?
The Skins! Watch out for The Skins.

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