​‘Canadian hospitality’: Ricky Gervais thanks a Toronto fan for giving him a ride

​‘Canadian hospitality’: Ricky Gervais thanks a Toronto fan for giving him a ride

Ricky Gervais capped off a wonderful weekend in Toronto with a random yet heartwarming encounter with a die-hard fan, who offered to give him a lift when he and his partner, Jane Fallon, couldn't find a taxi.

The comedian was sharing photos from a day spent in the Beaches area on Saturday (May 2), when Kara Stahl saw his posts on Twitter and decided to drive down there to see if she could catch a glimpse of her idol.

"I jumped in the shower, did my hair, and headed over,” she told the Toronto Star.

Sure enough, Kara spotted Ricky and Jane walking on the street and immediately parked her car so she could get a photo with the comedian.

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That wasn’t the end of the meeting, however. Soon after, she spotted the British-born star struggling to find a taxi at the corner of Queen St. East and Woodbine Ave. and offered to drive the couple to their hotel downtown.

They looked at each other, smiled, and said, ‘Sure,’” she said.

Kara took a selfie with Ricky and Jane in her car. Photo © Facebook

“He mentioned that had this been in New York or London, that they would not have gotten into my car, but they just felt safe and Canadians have been nice and friendly. They were grateful and absolutely lovely," she added.

So what did they talk about during the 20-minute drive? Kara said that the couple were “ extremely kind” as they discussed Canada’s healthcare system, their shared love of Toronto and Ricky’s upcoming film project, Special Correspondents.

After the encounter, the fan-turned-cabbie wrote to Jane on Twitter, writing: "@janefallon An honour to have you and @rickygervais in my car today.”

"Unbelievable random act of kindness! Thank you @dixichkn for giving us a ride when we couldn't find a taxi,” his partner, Jane Fallon, wrote back.

Ricky Gervais retweeted the exchange, adding, "Thanks again. Canadian hospitality at its best.”

The 53-year-old actor and director seems to be rather impressed with what he's seen of Toronto so far. He spent the weekend exploring the city, sharing various snaps on social media along the way.

"Exploring the beaches of Lake Ontario. What a beautiful place to live. #Toronto" he captioned a photo of Leuty Lifeguard Station in the Beaches.

“This photo was taken this morning. I am now the same colour as my T Shirt. Ouch. #Toronto” he wrote in another sunny, beach-side selfie.

The star is currently in Toronto to shoot Special Correspondents, a satirical comedy which Ricky has described as his "most ambitious project yet."

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