​Celebrities posing with the Stanley Cup

​Celebrities posing with the Stanley Cup

As the most-travelled championship trophy in the world, the Stanley Cup has had its share of celebrity run-ins. Some stars, like Russell Crowe and Justin Bieber, hoisted it high in the air; others, like cheeky Hayden Panettiere and Emily Van Camp, weren't afraid to give it a big smooch.

One thing is clear: When it comes to experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime photo–op with Lord Stanley's Mug, even the most prominent A-listers are known to get a bit star-stuck.

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The Stanley Cup stands apart from other major league sports awards in that, unlike other trophies, a new cup isn’t made every year. Instead, after each championship, the names of the players, coaches, management, and staff of the winning team are added to the Cup – which helps explain why it’s so massive. (It's 89.54 centimetres tall and weighs an impressive 15.5 kilograms!).

Hockey fans know that if you play in the NHL, you don’t dare touch the Cup unless you’ve earned it – lest you be cursed to never win one. But for entertainers, pretty much anything goes, from lifting and kissing the chalice to posing saucily next to it, as if it were a date to your red-carpet premiere.

Lindsay posed saucily with the Cup in 2006.

Indeed, the Cup has gotten up close and personal with more stars and experienced more glamour than most people ever will in their lifetimes. It’s enjoyed a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios Hollywood; been a White House guest for American presidents like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama; and even took part in the 2008 Rose Bowl Parade as part of Anaheim city's float.

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Aside from mingling with Hollywood types, the Cup has also gained its own experience as an "actor," having appeared in the long-running soap opera Guiding Light, on Heroes and in an episode of Boston Legal, where William Shatner knocked it off a balcony.

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