On the Town with Shinan: Martha Stewart's leather leggings and the next 'Greek wedding'

On the Town with Shinan: Martha Stewart's leather leggings and the next 'Greek wedding'

By Shinan Govani

Martha Stewart, Wendi Murdoch and Ivanka Trump, Lynn Posluns. Photo: Women's Brain Health Initiative

Have leather pants; will roll.

73-year-old domestic goddess Martha Stewart – whose look for hitting the party circuit, for years and years now, has involved skin-tight cowhide – did not disappoint the other night. No, not all. And that's a good thing. Making the scene at the U.S. launch of the Canadian think-tank Women's Brain Health Initiative in Manhattan, she arrived in her go-to leggings. And this being an event where female grey power was the sum and the substance, there was a method to Martha's madness: after she'd tweeted about her love of leather pants a couple years back, The Cut blog cannily pin-pointed that is “what we call a 'bottom' lady. In other words, her signature silhouette involves covering up in loose, roomy tops and dresses while showing off her legs with slim-cut pants or short hemlines. Thus, the legging is her friend, and she knows it."

Three cheers for female craftiness!

Alexandra Richards. Photo: Women's Brain Health Initiative

It was a she-powered brigade, alright, at this Canadian takeover, held Monday at Donna Karan's Urban Zen studio in downtown New York. Wendi Murdoch, who's been relatively reticent since the dissolution of her marriage to media mogul Rupert, zipped in at one point, looking good, her hair longer than we remember it in her power-couple days. She photo-op'ed with a sensational-looking Ivanka Trump at the entrance to the party. Opera diva Renee Fleming wandered by, keeping her octaves to herself. Trudie Styler, too, was there, Sting-less. Making an apperance: vintage fashion icon Marisa Berenson (or, as Yves Saint Laurent once dubbed her, “the girl of the seventies.”) A more recent It Girl, Alexandra Richards, was there to play DJ.

All smiles? Women's Brain Health Initiative founder Lynn Polsuns, who'd flown in from Toronto where her foundation is based. Increasingly a player in the field, she's the lady who will tell anyone who will listen that women are twice as likely as men to be affected by brain disease as they age, and almost 70% of new Alzheimer’s sufferers will be women. Worldwide — as the recent Julianne Moore film Still Alice brought to life in a way stats cannot - 35 million women are living with dementia, a number expected to triple by 2050. Lynn's mantra? “What gets funded gets done.”

Dr. Lisa Airan. Photo: Women's Brain Health Initiative

Speaking about the Moore film, specifically, Ms. Polsuns conceded that, “It’s escalated the conversation. And it shows us we can’t just focus on older people.”

It's a message that New York's most fashionable MD, Dr. Lisa Airan, was honing too this night, when she took the podium and reiterated, “Obviously, women's brains are different from men's brains.” And a message that many of its alpha-femme guests were eager to receive. Martha, in her kick-ass leggings, told eTalk, for instance, that she was at the event in part because “my dear, dear younger sister just died from an aneurysm in her brain.”


Nia Vardalos. Photo © Getty Images

What could it be? With the next instalment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding confirmed to start rolling in Toronto this May, the speculation has begun big-time over the story's evolution - one that began with the Nia Vardalos-John Corbett flick 13 years ago! Rita Wilson, who's returning to co-produce the film with husband Tom Hanks, told Andy Cohen this week on Watch What Happens Live that Nia has written an amazing script, and though there have been innumerable guesses about the turn the sequel will be taking, “no one has guessed right.” How's that for a tease?

Expect a “family secret,” I do hear. And one thing we can fully expect: Nia and the gang will return to Toronto's Greek-fuelled Danforth neighbourhood, where much of the original movie – a monster, monster hit! - was shot.

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