Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Finale Part 1: The pressure's mounting, but I'm sticking to my guns

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Finale Part 1: The pressure's mounting, but I'm sticking to my guns

With the end so close in sight, The Bachelor Canada heads to Tahiti for Tim to makes his final decision – after a whirlwind season of travel, dates and enough half-eaten dinners to fill a tropical island. I think I speak for us all when I say, ‘Why does it have to be a two-parter?’ I want to find out now! But if we’ve waited this long, I guess another week won’t kill us.

Let’s be honest, I think we are all huge fans of the fact that the last stop on the journey of love is usually somewhere hot. The aesthetic is stunning, the vibe is amazingly intense and there are fantasy suites. If that’s not enough, the women get to see a full episode of jerseys-off parties with Tim and the men get to enjoy one last week of bikini-clad women!

If the preview from a week ago is any indication, the laid-back, goofy and confident Trisha will have no problem dealing with the emotions wrought this week and she’ll most likely be best friends with Tim’s parents regardless of the outcome! I don’t know if my fantasy date would involve a severely caffeinated horse but I digress.

In the end, their date is simple and nice, but nice isn’t exactly what we want come the last week, is it? They have two more meals that are pretty uneventful, which leaves me more assured then ever - Trish is a sweetheart, there is no doubt, but the fact that the intense feelings are one-sided has got to be apparent to more people than just me. And let’s be real, we knew ahead of time that she would be a fan-favourite with Tim’s parents. But at this point, I find myself waiting for AB to come on screen and ignite the emotional side of this show. This is one of those times I wish there were cameras in the fantasy suite – or, tonight, the hotel room to the left of Tim’s actual room!

I was thinking to myself, “What if Tim actually did take AB out in Tahiti in a dingy?” Well that would, as Tim says, ”show massive nuts!” But in true Bachelor fashion, the fantasy suite is a gigantic yacht. I’ve seen 20-plus seasons of this show, and this might be the biggest boat in history, so I hope they brought their flippy floppies. For a second week in a row, I will look like a massive idiot if AB isn’t the girl at the end, but I’m so sure she is that I’ll offer my take on not only their date, but meeting Tim’s parents as well.

Tim and AB have an undeniable connection. It’s in the way that he looks at her; the way that he’s caught on every word she speaks (although we’ve only heard about 15); his understanding of needing to draw her out and make her feel comfortable. You can tell it takes a lot for her to warm up and, given the time constraints and her past, it’s clear that it means more to her to share parts of herself than most. And yeah, maybe the time constraints force you to say things ahead of schedule, but as Tim continually said, “Sometimes you just have to jump!”

With how hard it is for AB to open up to Tim, now imagine having to open up emotionally to not only complete strangers but your potential in-laws… gulp! AB did struggle, but the situation is a completely unnatural one. Then add a camera to the equation and you’ll find that a moment of dead air feels like an eternity. But, at the end of the day, all AB has to know is that a parent’s judgment is based on what they see will make Tim happiest when it comes to his relationship. As long as they know that whoever Tim picks is mentally committed to giving their post-Bachelor relationship an honest shot, they’ll be happy!

So although AB worries that everything is moving too quickly, she failed to impress the parents and the decision that will affect her life one way or another is looming, shell calm down, Tim will talk her off the ledge and he will decide that she is the one for him.

How am I so sure? Some relationship need a lot of work and others work seamlessly, which is the case of AB and Trisha, respectively. But fighting an uphill battle can be more exciting than constantly being on the level. Given the odd circumstances of meeting the Bachelor and knowing the period in between the show and life in the “real world” after, it’s better to learn how to push through those circumstances now and continue to strive for a relationship that is real and can materialize.

It’ll be great preparation to see if they can get through those issues and tough times when they matter – after the cameras are gone!

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