Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Women Tell All: The claws come out on the girl next door

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Women Tell All: The claws come out on the girl next door

The Women Tell All or, as I like to call it… The Women Rip On Tim! Although I don’t mind watching this episode, I definitely get antsy as it separates the final three – or, in our case, the final four – and the impending end to the season. At this point, we all just want to see which lovely lady Tim picks! (We all know it’s AB, right?) But, nevertheless, let’s watch these women tear into each other and then turn that aggression towards the only guy within four square miles (besides Tyler)!

First on the hot seat is Kaylynn, who reassures us that she is never that emotional in real life! Classic answer, but you gotta love her. She could have the ability to really stand up for herself, because a lot was said about her by all the girls behind her back, but she decides to take the high road. Although I do think that retracting her comments about Martha being a bully was unnecessary! I was hoping she’d continue this train of thought because Martha showed no compassion and seemed to believe she was the greatest thing to hit Mexican dancing since the invention of the hip thrust! So congratulations, Kaylynn, because the high road is a tough road to travel but you always come out on top!

Next up: Natalie. As we watch and listen to the words escaping her mouth – ”I came back to stir the pot” – we all simultaneously cringe. Even if that was your intention, you never admit it! Not only that, but you also can’t defend yourself saying you were always true to who you are while admitting you returned just to create drama in the same breath. This would lead us to believe that you like screwing with people, which didn’t register during your episodes. So I’m thinking Natalie was completely nervous, maybe a tad outcasted after her big return and wanted to stir the pot – but really just stirred up a hugely negative response. So I’m banking on the fact that you're most likely the sincerely nice person I met during the Bachelor Canada casting tour, and you were just a tad out of your element!

Oh Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! First, I’m glad you’re back because this episode needs some spice! Lisa vs. Sachelle, round two! I mean, it takes serious guts to sit up there knowing the heat is coming and I could spend time talking about each individual woman, too. But I’m not going to beat down subjects everyone else already has! It takes more guts to own up to your mistakes, although the owning up process was a tad mired by minor excuses. Sitting there taking the verbal onslaught while being regretful and sorry is all that Lisa could do and I don’t need to end this sentence with, “He who cast the first stone…” – because everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone makes good TV!

Sachelle had a tough exit and an unexpected exit but without her and Lisa this episode would be forgettable! And every antagonist needs its protagonist, so to you I say: Claws out is a good look on the girl next door! And you seemed genuine the entire show. You did yourself and your family proud. And we always love the awkward talk about the breakup on national TV!

Time for Timmy! Having been in that seat, I can confirm the fact that your nerves are at an all time high. Turning around staring at 15 girls (of whom only 60 percent are on your side) is a tough situation! But, as always, Tim handled himself with class, and I think Sachelle summed it all up, saying “I have nothing but good things to say about you!” That is all you’re looking for at the end of the day if you’re Tim. You can’t please everyone or make everyone happy, but you can try to treat everyone with respect… while making out with them and their new friends as the Bachelor!

So we all are waiting for next week! Is it going to be Trisha or AB? I’m not sitting on a cliff here because the previews of an AB breakdown tells me that she is really conflicted and foreshadows the exact opposite! But I’m only saying that because if it’s Trisha, I look like a complete idiot….which isn't exactly new for me!

Natalie: Keep stirring the pot, life needs a little spice! (Oh wait, we have Lisa!)

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