Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 5: Kaylynn slams Lisa off the track and rides straight into the winner's circle

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 5: Kaylynn slams Lisa off the track and rides straight into the winner's circle

Hometown dates already!? Nope, just for Tim! I like this move. Take the girls back to where you're from and get to see how they act in a normal social setting. Or, in AB's (April Brockman) case, on the back of a motorcycle! I've been calling her the frontrunner since day one, so I'm clearly excited that she gets the first one-on-one...but who knew she was a pool shark? Was anyone else dying for that game to end so they could finally kiss?

I'm thinking Tim might have had to pull out the magic cue in order to beat April! I felt like I should just stop writing and say see you after the Final Rose. But I digress, there are more dates to be had!

On to a childhood fantasy being lived out on The Bachelor Canada! Closing down Wonderland?! That’s just amazing! It would have been even more amazing had it not looked like it was -24° out. But the ladies braved the weather long enough to compete for a special one-on-one, taking on a go-kart race to win time with Tim in another car… strategically positioned in front of all the other women!

With Kaylynn slamming Lisa off the track and rides straight into the winner's cirlce, let the awkwardness begin! Literally. Let's not be so quick to point out Lisa's eagerness to highlight the negative. I mean, the group date has quickly turned into three women watching their competitor's one-on-one! That's gotta be uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as watching Tim and Kaylynn make out. Mind you, Lisa is a tad aggressive, and combine that with Kaylynn's emotional state and its bound to create…great TV!

You know what else makes great TV? Natalie cruisin' up the Trans Canada in her Camaro to surprise the girls. Did we see Tim's face? Priceless! I’m wondering whether it was the dyed hair, but the girl is looking good! Just as Tim decides that maybe he does need more time to think, enter Dom dropping bombs! You’ve got to like the girls who take matters into their own hands. Good on you, Dom!

With the rose ceremony looming, Natalie back in the picture and Dom out, what is Tim going to do? First off, Timbo, get the girls a blanket or some heaters – it looks freezing on that roof top! Jokes aside, we say goodbye to Natalie for a second week in a row. But at least this time she gave love a shot!

Spoiler alert: Tuscany?! I cant wait to see next week’s episode, where it looks like everyone will be looking at me saying, ”We told you about Lisa!For some reason I still have an ounce of faith even if its just that she makes excellent TV.

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