Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 4: Don't judge Tim as a "player" just yet!

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 4: Don't judge Tim as a "player" just yet!

From one hot destination to another, we hit the sandy beaches of the Bahamas this week, all for the glory of love! Ok, that sounded like a Chicago song from the ’80s, but nothing gets me more excited than back-to-back hot destinations!

It’s hard to believe that there are only eight women left, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from past Bachelor seasons, this is when it starts getting heated! Pun intended.

Natalie scores the first one-on-one date, and it seems like something she’s been waiting for since she was seven years old playing with Barbie and Ken – that is, if Barbie loved Ken before even meeting him. Were you as excited to see if her feelings held up in person as I was?

Cue the sound effect: wha whaaaa! A quick social lubricant didn’t do the trick, and not even a stroll around the Bahamian tropics could save the awkwardness of this date. Chalk it up to a lack of chemistry or a lack of daiquiris, but not getting a rose sends Natalie packing of her own volition. Which left me feeling a bit sorry for Tim. When you get excited for something that both parties think is there and it ends up being a bore, it has to be extremely tense and awkward to come to that realization. Good on you, Tim, for being straightforward, and good on you, Natalie, for choosing your own destiny.

Can we talk about Lisa’s trash-talking and then being the first to hug. Yah, I thought it was super entertaining as well! Lisa is on complete high alert for villain status. But the company she keeps with the other girls makes me think she's a crowd favourite on location.

Knock Knock! Who’s there? A swimming with the sharks date, of course! Seriously, though - there is no situation in the world that would convince me to do this. So, Kaylynn, if being terrified of getting in the water with fifty sharks is being “dramatic,” consider me dramatic, too! AB (April Brockman), having more courage than me or any other person on earth, is left alone with Tim in the water. Props to you, April - if you want to risk life and limb then Tim, once again, I’d say you’ve found your girl.

Tim and April

That is, until the cabana chair at the after party gets a little action! First Dom, and then Kaylynn. Hey, all is fair in love and Bachelor Canada! So, Tim may look like a bit of a player on this one, but I think at this point the viewer has to see each girl as an individual relationship. In sports terms, if you went 2/6 from the field in basketball you’d be benched, and Tim’s trying to keep the bench cold!

Tim and Dominique

And then it’s Rileigh and Trisha and the two-on-one date! Now, these are actually terrifying situations for a bachelor. How are you supposed to be yourself and have an emotional connection when there is a coin-flip chance you could be packing up the suntan lotion and heading back north of the 49.

Trisha is still cute, bubbly and super likeable, and Tim sees it, but why can I not wait to see Rileigh? It’s because when Rileigh gets on camera she essentially calls Tim out again, but so charmingly! I’d bet, like me, Tim respects her direct approach.

Everything seems to be swimming along until you see a table set for two. But wait, there’s three of us? Where’s the third person going to sit? Gotcha. We say goodbye to the ever-intriguing Rileigh, but are equally enthralled by the scandalous romp in the ocean! Fair trade-off in this twisty episode!

Tim and Rileigh

Six girls remain, but only five roses are on the table. The last rose is between Dom and Kaylynn, and we know both of them planted smackers on our main-man Tim. Who’s it going to be? Let’s be real, we’d hate to see anyone leave at this point. Tim runs dramatically off-screen to get another rose while Dom and Kaylynn look bewildered... then elated!

While I do believe Tim will have some critics after this episode, for what could be perceived as being a bit of a “player,” I can assure you - mostly because I’ve been there, and also because I saw him this morning! – that all of this is very overwhelming and it’s a week of your life cut into an hour-long episode.

Tim and Trisha

This season has been dramatically different from the first, with heightened dramatic hooks and starkly contrasting personalities, which has me looking forward more and more to each new episode – and we’re only on episode 4! So I’m sure I’m not the only one…

Let’s get to Toronto, Tim, because the best thing about Bachelor Canadais seeing Canada. Can’t wait for the Big Smoke!

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