Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 2: Rain, rain go away - and I'll tell you which woman is here to stay

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 2: Rain, rain go away - and I'll tell you which woman is here to stay

In pure Canadian fashion, and as only west-coasters can appreciate, Vancouver in the rain makes the perfect setting for any first date, and for the first one-on-one outing on Bachelor CanadaKaylynn is chosen to “Come get high”?­­­­­

I’m sure getting picked up in a helicopterwas on her list of dream dates, but I’m not sure that a tour around her hometown and dinner atop Grouse Mountain – a mountain she’s probably hiked twenty-four times this year – were also on that list. But you’ve got to love her, Kaylynn is just so into Tim that nothing phases her.

The date quickly shifts to Tim giving Kaylynn the rose... and the first kiss of the season. And no, unlike past Bachelor and Bachelorette series, neither looked to be the recipient of CPR!

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Come on Vancouver, just for five minutes… stop raining! But the rain couldn’t stop ten women from competing, with the winning five securing a special group date with Tim. Cue the dragon boat racing!

The teams seem pretty fairly matched until we realize that poor Alison, who didn’t even have to paddle, couldn’t keep the boat straight enough. On the bright side, that means April Borgnetta gets more camera time, which is never a bad thing! And on their group date she doesn’t disappoint. I mean you gotta love a girl who is described as ”the most interesting human being ever.” Please Tim, keep her around!


Unprovoked, we find out that Rileigh believes Tim is putting on an act – which we haven’t heard from any of the other women, and I give her credit for saying it to Tim’s face. But, standup guy that he is, Tim confronts the question head on, ultimately winning her over. And in the short time that any contestant has to form a connection and spend time with Tim, she's left wondering if Tim now has the wrong impression about her. Rileigh, it’s great to be headstrong and have an opinion but use your time wisely!

Trisha once again impresses our boy Tim, so much so that she receives the group date rose, which leads me to wonder: where is Jenny’s camera time? How have we not seen more of her? I know a lot of my season’s conversations were cut because I have what producers like to refer to as “a sewer mouth,” and I’m thinking Jenny might have the same 4-letter love that I do!

Photo: Caitlin Cronenberg

If the rain couldn’t stop for the dragon boat date, it’s gotta stop for the Flare fashion shoot with April Brockman, Christine, Sonia and Natalie, right? Nope! Time for bathing suits. In true Bachelor style, you just have to roll with it. When in Rome… or rainy Van City! The prize for the girl with the most chemistry with Tim? A special one-on-one date.

Natalie had been talking about falling for Tim since 2:35 into the very first episode – and she doesn't disappoint when the time finally comes to seize the moment! She and Tim put on a little kissing demonstration for, not only Canada, but the three other women standing in the very same room! Good on you for taking charge, Natalie. And a gutsy move for Tim!

This display made the 42-year-old lingerie model, Sonia, insecure about her status with Tim. It ultimately led to a very uncomfortable photo shoot for someone who does this for a living. Tim felt it, and as sad as it is to see someone leave, it’s better to see them go with their dignity intact and a clear understanding of why.

April Brockman

April Brockman and Tim light up the screen with their chemistry. She doesn't jump into kissing him or play with him. In the way that all ladies win a guy, she gives him just enough to drive him crazy and leave him wanting more!

So, April Brockman gets the solo date. And this is the first time that I see “it.” I knew April Brockman would be a front-runner, but Tim’s eyes throughout this date are different than we’ve ever seen before. I’m calling it now…Tim is a smitten kitten! After sneaking a kiss hidden from the cameras, my favourite line of the night was, “I wouldn’t have given him a kiss if he hadn’t done it that way.” April might just be the standout in this group!

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The cocktail party produces the night’s drama. Kaylynn has been confiding her feelings to Martha all week and, given that Kaylynn is insecure despite having the security of a rose, Martha is over it! Kaylynn claims she was being bullied. It isn’t for me to deny what one person sees as bullying, but it would seem to me that Martha was just trying to reassure Kaylynn, not lash out. But, as the drama increases, I’m thinking that this might have resulted from a terrible mix of emotion and alcohol as kaylynn ends up having a full-blown meltdown.


I hope Kaylynn is OK and can learn to deal with the situation. Because girl, come on! You’re on a show with 24 other women vying for one man and you have to be prepared to understand that there are other relationships and be confident in yourself. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Kaylynn, just tweet me @bradcsmith.

After the dramatic rose ceremony, we say goodbye to Alison and Renee. And we’re clearly left wondering….

It’s an early call, almost as big of a toss up as saying the Montreal Canadiens are going to win the Stanley Cup during the pre-season, but after seeing their one-on-one date, Tim will choose April Brockman… mark my words!

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