Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 1: I know Tim Warmels because I used to be him

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 1: I know Tim Warmels because I used to be him

If you woke up this morning with vivid memories of being picked up by a helicopter for a dream date with Canada’s most eligible bachelor…you’re not alone! For the next ten weeks, Friday mornings bring a steamy hangover as most of us recover from our own group dates watching the newest season of The Bachelor Canada.

It seems we’ve been waiting forever for Season 2 to begin – watching the promos, the big Bachelor reveal in Hello! Canada and checking out the new crop of female suitors from across the country. I’ve personally been on the edge of my seat waiting for the new Bachelor Canada Season 2.0, or, as I like to call it, The Bachelor Canada: Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster and Better Looking Than The Last! Because I can confidently say that Tim Warmels is all of those things. How? I’ve met Tim and interviewed Tim but, more importantly: I used to be Tim .

Not in a weird way, this isn’t a stalker case brewing. I, Brad Smith, was the first Bachelor Canada . So the lovely people at HELLO! Online have asked me to chime in each week with my thoughts on the show and give my perspective, based on solid background in the field of all things #BachCan.

So, the second season kicked off last night the way all seasons should! Women at home were surely fawning over the semi-clothed new Bachelor, a small-town Canadian boy who went from the farm to business school, worked on Bay Street, runs a contracting business and drives motorcycles.

As he stands in waiting, the limos pull down the perfectly hosed, glistening driveway, and viewers immediately hear the visceral reaction the ladies have to Tim. Having been in Tim’s shoes, I can safely assure you that his nerves were through the roof, mouth completely dry and on the verge of Stage 4 angina!

The limo exits and first impressions are awesome to watch, but you and I know we’re all waiting for the cocktail party for things to get interesting (and alcohol-fuelled!). Night one is always the most complicated night. Twenty-five different back-stories merged into one blur of a conversation… and then you’re asked to eliminate ten. Oh, and one woman could be your fiancée in a few weeks! It’s beyond overwhelming.

So for all you readers, here’s my take on the ladies:


1. Kaylynn (Vancouver, BC): Kaylynn is stunning and oozed confidence coming out of the limo in her blue dress. You could easily tell it was Tim’s first “yowza”moment! She became a little insecure despite sharing a great moment with Tim where he admitted he’d like to kiss her. Insecure on the first night? Throw up the red flag! But I say she’ll be around for a while.

2. April Brockman (Wasaga Beach, ON): With a dress straight off of Jessica in Who Framed Roger Rabbit , she definitely made an impression on Tim (and Canada!) Beautiful and slightly standoffish, she played the not-too-into-him, not-falling-in-love-on-night-one card perfectly. Refreshing.

3. Trisha (Edmonton, AB): Usually the pageant-queen routine is a bit much, but Trisha was too cute and bubbly to think anything besides. Way to own it! And you can’t forget her name…it’s on her sash!

4. Christine (Vancouver, BC): When the words “I’m a vocalist” come out, I usually cover my ears. I’m sorry, but I had to cover my eyes as well – this one was painful! But Tim saw something I didn’t and gave her a first impression rose!

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5. Lisa (Calgary, AB): After 5 minutes, we already have our Villain – and I’m sorry for all women of Calgary because that’s two years in a row that Cowtown has gotten a bad rap. After my season with Whitney (who is actually a great person), I know what Lisa’s brooding looks, drink tossing and statements like “I don’t care about any of these girls” mean…

6. Jenny (Hong Kong/ Vancouver, BC): A personal trainer from Hong Kong and Vancouver with what appears to be a South African accent. I dig it! She seems down-to-earth, unafraid and she can really wear a drink - that is, after Lisa spills one all over her! I hope she stays around a while.

7. Natalie (Cambridge, ON): This French teacher drives a Camaro. As a kid from Quebec, who needs more? Tim didn’t, and gave her a first impression rose. She seems sweet and innocent, but she clearly fell in love with Tim within a few moments of night one. Could spell bad news bears for her.


This leads us into the Rose Ceremony, were Tim’s varied selection left everyone wondering about his taste - and what type of girl will get the guy.

Way to keep them guessing, Big Guy!

And now, there are only fifteen left ! Tim eased Kaylynn’s worries with the opening rose and kept personal favourites April Brockman, Trisha, Sonia (a 42-year-old lingerie model), Jenny and the early crowd favourite and resident villain: Lisa.

I was surprised to see him say goodbye to Sarah, whom we didn’t see much of throughout the night. Same with Rebecca - it would have been nice to see a sweet girl from Calgary, and she even made him an apple pie. My guess: she’s no Betty Crocker!

Well it’s going to be a long and interesting season. And if the trailer for the season is any indication, we now know that Tim enjoys standing thoughtfully on bridges, making out and looking muscular by the waterside. And a woman from Calgary causes quite the stir among the ladies. Seems like I’ve lived this one before… minus the muscular part!

My first prediction for the Final Three:

(have to keep some spice in there!)

Until next time, catch me every weekday morning on Breakfast Television (City, 5:30 AM to 9 AM). Each Friday at 8:10 AM, Dina Pugliese and I will be discussing all things #BachCan on BT. Also, check out blogs by Tim Warmels and his lovely ladies! And follow me on Twitter: @bradcsmith.

Bye for now,

Bachelor 1.0

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