Stars and their dogs

Stars and their dogs

For as long as dogs have been man’s best friend, they’ve been celebrities’ best friends, too.

Just ask Liam Neeson, who saved a stray pup from a throng of stone-throwing teenagers this week. The valiant actor reportedly scared the tormenters away, scooping the pooch up in his arms until policeman arrived at the scene – and prompting dog lovers around the world to run out and rent all of Liam’s films.

But besides his natural heroism, the star may have been compelled to action knowing that National Puppy Day was just around the corner.

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Yes, that's right — the unofficial yet incredibly cute holiday was created nine years ago in an effort to encourage pet adoption.

And in case you still don’t consider yourself a “dog person,” we’ve rounded up 12 aw-inducing photos of Hollywood’s biggest stars with their beloved pooches – from Ryan Gosling’s adorable “muppet” to Kate Middleton’s regal cocker spaniel, Lupo.

Ready… set… puppies!


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