Stars who have gone green for the environment

Stars who have gone green for the environment

Spring couldn’t have come soon enough for Canadians this year, who are celebrating the start of a new (and warmer!) season today after more bone-chilling months than we’d like to remember.

March 20 also marks International Earth Day, or the “spring equinox”, which is the one of only two days each year when nighttime and daytime are the same length everywhere on Earth (the other is the “autumn equinox” in late September).

The global holiday calls on nations around the world to put aside their differences for the united purpose of safeguarding our planet, a cause that a number of stars – like George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett – have been championing for years.

Read on for our list of eco-friendly celebrities and how they’re springing forward by going green.


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