In Photos: John F. Kennedy and Jackie

In Photos: John F. Kennedy and Jackie

Nothing was ever the same for Kennedys after that fateful day in November, 1963.

Now, with the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death approaching, new details about how Jackie Kennedy coped with the loss of her husband have been revealed – click on photo below for iconic images of the couple.

In the immediate aftermath of his death she confided in her personal assistant Providencia Paredes in her private quarters of the White House.

“She was scared,” 89-year-old Providencia revealed. “She cried and she said, ‘I thought they might kill me too.’”


The first lady led the nation’s grief with dignity and poise at her husband’s funeral which she planned herself – but her role as mother to their two children, Caroline and John, was also at the forefront of her mind.

“She did not want the children to think about what happened,” Providencia said. “They were so young. She did not want them to be sad.”

Style icon Jackie moved to Georgetown and eventually to Manhattan to get out of the limelight.

The Secret Service agent guarding her during the fateful Dallas motorcade Clint Hill recalled the grief of the first year after his murder.

“She was sad,” Clint said, who spent the following year watching over her in New York. “She didn’t have the same radiance as before. But she grew stronger. She was already thinking about his legacy. She was always thinking ahead.”

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