‘There was no greater man’ than Cory Monteith, says Lea Michele

‘There was no greater man’ than Cory Monteith, says Lea Michele

Lea Michele is opening up for the first time about losing her co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith, explaining that she feels like she's "lost two people."

In an interview with TV Week Australia, the 27-year-old actress talks about the upcoming Glee episode that pays tribute to Cory's character Finn Hudson. She also describes how she is personally dealing with the loss of her late love.

"I feel like, for me personally, I've lost two people: Cory and Finn," Michele said. "We had a beautiful memorial for Cory in the auditorium and some of the cast members sang and people spoke about him. It only felt right that we would do the same thing for Finn, so I felt it was very therapeutic."

Since learning of Cory’s death this past summer, Lea has been keeping a low-profile, save for a few posts on social media and a moving speech at the Teen Choice Awards. This is the first time she’s spoken so publicly about the late actor.

"There was no greater man than Cory," she said, "so for the time we spent together I consider myself very lucky."

Michele performs a heartbreaking rendition of the song "Make You Feel My Love" in the episode titled "The Quarterback,” which airs tonight on Global at 9 pm ET/PT.

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