Cory Monteith Emmy tribute stirs debate

Cory Monteith Emmy tribute stirs debate

The late Cory Monteith will be honoured at the Emmy Awards this weekend, in a move that is stirring debate over whether the Glee star is deserving of the tribute.

Every year, Emmy organizers remember those we lost in the television industry with an "in memoriam" segment. This year, however, they have also chosen five actors and writers to be honoured with individual eulogies: writer/producer Gary David Goldberg, and actors James Gandolfini, Jean Stapleton, Jonathan Winters and Cory Monteith. 

Glee co-star Jane Lynch is said to be delivering Cory's speech. 

The inclusion of the Canadian actor in the list of honourees, however, is ruffling a few feathers. Editor-in-chief of Variety Andrew Wallenstein has written an editorial questioning the decision, claiming Cory’s short acting resume doesn’t warrant "special treatment."

"What Gandolfini did on The Sopranos inarguably transformed the medium of television; can we really say the same about Monteith on Glee?" he asks.

Predictably, the editorial is receiving backlash online from Cory's young fans, who believe the young actor’s memorial is absolutely deserved.

"If you think @CoryMonteith doesn't deserve all the tributes in the world, you didn't know him like we did," said one Twitter user.

Fans were shocked to learn that the troubled star died on July 13 of a heroin and alcohol overdose. He was 31 years old.

The Emmy Awards will air Sunday, Sept. 22, at 8 pm.

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