Mario Lopez on Eva Longoria marrying her perfect man: 'Older, intelligent, successful'

Mario Lopez on Eva Longoria marrying her perfect man: 'Older, intelligent, successful'

Mario Lopez was overjoyed to witness Eva Longoria's marriage to Jose 'Pepe' Baston, and it seems like he won't soon forget the couple's big day – which features exclusively in HELLO! magazine this week. "I've known Eva for – let me think – at le ast 15 years, and I love her as a sister," the TV personality told the magazine. "I think she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.

"We share many things, as we are both Mexicans with similar backgrounds, and similar families. I have so much respect for her. I think the world of her, so I was happy to see her find someone that complements her and makes her so happy."

TAP TO VIEW GALLERYEva Longoria and Mario Lopez Mario Lopez has opened up about Eva Longoria's wedding to Pepe Baston

And the TV star thinks Eva has found her perfect match in Pepe. "I think he's the kind of guy that Eva has always liked: older, intelligent, successful," Mario revealed. "He has his own career, and doesn't need her per se. They are the perfect complements for each other. He commands her respect. Eva was so used to being in control of everything and now they can share that. I couldn't have picked a better guy for her."

Mario also spoke about the wedding celebrations themselves. "Friday was more formal and more subdued, with a sit-down dinner. And Saturday was just a marathon!" he said.

Couples shot of the Beckhams and Mario Lopez with wife Courteney The TV star described the Beckhams as "such a cool couple"

The X Factor USA star especially enjoyed hanging out with Victoria and David Beckham - who he referred to as his "drinking buddy" on Instagram. "Oh man, the Beckhams are such a cool couple!" he said. "Victoria, I just love her. We were drinking tequila together, she's so down to earth and a sweetheart. And it's great seeing their love for each other grow as time goes by."

Hello! Canada Magazine cover 504 Eva Longoria's wedding

See all the exclusive photos in this week's issue of Hello! Canada

Asked what was his highlight from the wedding, Mario replied: "I think it was the moment when they became husband and wife, and the speeches they gave. They made you feel really good. You could feel it was genuine, and that was going to work. I couldn't ask for anything more as her friend."

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