Reem Acra comes to the rescue for Taylor Swift's best friend's wedding

Reem Acra comes to the rescue for Taylor Swift's best friend's wedding

Taylor Swift has keenly shared her excitement over being best-friend Britany Maack's maid of honour, and she's pulling out all the stops for her lifelong pal. When the bride-to-be needed a dress, the 25-year-old pop star called up one of her favourite American designers - celebrity favourite Reem Acra - and the two popped by Reem's private showroom.

Dressing up, but this time not playing. #weddingdress #nailedit @taylorswift @reem_acra

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Brit, as she is known, and Taylor have known each other since they were little girls, and the two girls took a selfie of them wearing lace sleeves, trying the different lace materials which may play a part in Brittany’s wedding gown.

Brit shared the snap on Instagram, writing: “Dressing up, but this time not playing. #weddingdress #nailedit @taylorswift @reem_acra”.

Taylor picked Reem Acra for their dress day, “because that’s one of her (and my) favourite designers”.

YEAH I WILL. @britmaack

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Speaking to People magazine, Taylor added: “Reem does the most amazing bridal designs, and Britany and I were looking through Vogue, and she pointed to this one gown, and I was like, ‘I wonder if we could go to the showroom…”

“And sure enough, it was the best day ever. It was so amazing.”

Brit asked Taylor to be her maid of honour three months ago, sending the Shake It Off singer a handwritten note which said: “Taylor, you are more than friend, you are more than a best friend, you are my sister.

“I cannot imagine anyone else by my side on my wedding day… Will you be my maid of honour?”

Christmas 1993, on a very important phone call with Britany. @britmaack

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Included with the letter was a framed photo of the pair dressed up in animal costumes when they were children. Taylor posted a picture of the letter and photo to Instagram and captioned it: “YEAH I WILL. @britmaack”.

The two met when they were toddlers living in Pennsylvania, and have remained firm friends despite Taylor later moving to Nashville and now travelling around the globe as an international super star.

“I’ve never been a maid of honour before,” Taylor added to People. “This is my first time, and it’s really, really important to me because this is my best friend, who I’ve known since I was born.

“And she’s marrying someone I’ve known since I was 4.”

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