Happy Anniversary! The Queen and Prince Philip’s romance through the years
Happy anniversary! <strong><a href="/tags/0/queen-elizabeth-ii">The Queen</a></strong> and <strong><a href="/tags/0/prince-philip">Prince Philip</a></strong> celebrate 72 years of marriage on Nov. 20, and what an incredible life they've had together! <P>From announcing their engagement in 1947, marrying the next year, Elizabeth's sudden accession to the throne in 1952, their welcoming four children, and travelling all over the world together as heads of the <strong><a href="/tags/0/british-royals">Royal Family</a></strong>, they've seen a lot together! Their relationship is nothing short of inspirational to us all - steadfast and supportive through thick and thin and always full of love. They've never stopped looking at each other the way they did when they were young. <p><strong>Click through the gallery (or keep scrolling if you're on mobile) to see our favourite photos from nearly every year of their marriage!</strong> <p>Photos: &copy; Getty Images

The monarch and her consort celebrate 72 years of marriage on Nov. 20.


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